Viki App – Watch free Korean, China, Taiwan and Singapore drama online

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I like to watch korean drama and i always keep doing research about apps which able to watch free korean drama. Recently, i found this app that called Viki and it cannot download drama korea but you can watch it online.

Viki TV App for Android

If you are intend to watch drama through Windows PC, you might browse to Viki Official Website which is and you can streaming all video there. However, Viki app interface is quite user friendly, it was categorized all actor/actress for you to find your favorite actor/actress’s drama or movie easily.

Viki app also provided subtitle for better understanding purpose, it is reallt

During video player interface, it is really good designed and i like this so much. You can just easily to choose the episode you wish to watch on your right panel. There also include the details of drama or movie. If you wish to discuss about this drama/movie with friend from others country, chatroom is provided.

Here to download Viki drama app:

Click here to download Viki drama App *Take note: Please do not update the app.

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