Top 5 Hot YouTube Channels to learn yoga from Japan & Korea

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There are 5 hot & pretty Japanese & Korean to teach you how to do yoga, so today I will share these 5 youtube channels for you to train and gain your fit body & healthy.
1. だーしのch
Total Subscribers: 285K
Total Views: 23,491,224
Channel created date: Feb 9th, 2020
2. six청아
Total Subscribers: 68.5K
Total Views: 7,406,356
Channel created date: Dec 7th, 2020
3. Shuu Vayu
Total Subscribers: –
Total Views: 13,044,406
Channel created date:
4. 윤지 홈트 요가 HomeTraining Yoga
Total Subscribers: 184K
Total Views: 22,224,538
Channel created date: Feb 9th, 2019
5. 바니쌤 예쁜몸매 만들기
Total Subscribers: 122K
Total Views: 14,681,101
Channel created date: Nov 23rd, 2015

Above are the top 5 hot & pretty ladies youtube channels, hope you guys can learn yoga well~

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