To prevent virus infected your device – VirusTotal Scanner

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If you like to download APK files for your android mobile device from internet, the VirusTotal scanner is the useful tools to prevent your device been infected by virus or trojan attack.

You do not need to install VirusTotal, it is online portal. You can perform File, URL & Search to perform virus scanning.

1. File

If you always download APK or other files from internet but you are not sure whether these files are safe to your computer or mobile device. Example, I’ve downloaded the APK for my Android mobile device but I’m not sure whether it has malicious code inside the program.

Just upload it and perform scanning, scanning process will go through 61 detection party. You can see it showing 8 now, it means the APK is not passed by 8 party.

2. URL

Just insert the web address into it, then scanning will go through 77 detection party. As image below, it showing 0 and it means no blacklisted for all detection party. This URL is safe to browse.

3. Search

If you are advanced on search, you can perform huge search with more filters, sort by dates & others. There is a lot of features on Search function, you learn more from here.

I found this online detection tools is very useful and I hope you guys like it. Just leave your comment or feedback for this article.