Smart YouTube TV App, supporting 4K resolution video & TV casting feature

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Android TV box normally will using official YouTube app which is only able to watch maximum resolution till 1440p only. If you wish to watch 4K video through Android TV box, then you might try on this Smart YouTube TV app.

Features of Smart YouTube TV

  • 4K support
  • runs without Google Services
  • designed for TV screens
  • stock controller support
  • multilingual search keyboard
  • fully localized

Where to download Smart YouTube TV apk?

Click here to start download *Only android supported.

How to setup cast YouTube video from mobile phone to Android TV?

  1. Make sure your android TV already installed Smart YouTube app.
  2. Launch Smart YouTube App, click Setting icon(It is looks like Gear) on left bottom of the app, then click Setting.
  3. Select “Live TV and Phone”.
  4. Then select “Link with TV code”, then it will display 12 digit code on bottom.
  5. Now launch YouTube app from your phone and open setting.
  6. Select “Watch on TV” > Select “Enter TV code” > then enter 12 digit code as refer from Smart YouTube app. > After code filled in, just click “Link” button.
  7. Once both apps linked, you can try to play any video from mobile phone and cast to Android TV.

Let’s give a big thanks to Smart YouTube developer to develop such good app for public. You also can visit their official website for more information. If you intend to raise up any question, kindly please join my FB group: Click here to join FB group