Play m3u8 in browser with Play HLS m3u8 chrome extension.

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There are plenty of m3u8 sources in internet, included live TV channels, movies & others. I would like to suggest the easier way to use m3u8 link to watch it in Chrome browser.

  1. Open Chrome and search for Play HLS m3u8, then click Add to Chrome
  2. Click Add extension
  3. After installed, you will find the small TV icon on right side of the address bar.
  4. Make sure to enable it if you would like to play m3u8 video source. *Green TV icon means enable, grey color means disable.
  5. Here is the example to play m3u8 link in chrome browser after Play HLS m3u8 plugin installed.
  6. You will get the m3u8 link, example:
  7. Copy and paste the link to address bar of Chrome, then click Enter
  8. m3u8 video will start playing in Chrome browser.

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