How to unleash the power of your Google home Mini

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We’re going to do a quick review on the battery base for the Google home Mini by Mirian so this base cost about $20 on Amazon but essentially is what this allows you to do is you plug in your Google home Mini into the base and then you can take your Google home Mini around the house for about 10 hours is how long the battery will last. So all you would need to do is charge this with your original cable that came with the Google Home Mini.

Simple installation of Google Home Battery Base

I can take this out and plug it in and it will begin charging the base inside the box comes a magnetic plate that you will place on the bottom of your Google home Mini. Just make sure you hold that down for a long time and then it will attach inside the base so when I put it in the base it will magnetize down and now it’s magnetic.

you can see it has a pretty good hold with moving it. It’s not gonna fall out very easily unless you work to drop it or something and then over here on the side you do have the choice to use the mute switch so that is still available plugging this in is pretty simple.

you just need to make sure that you plug in the micro USB cable that’s already attached to the base it can’t be removed so we’ll always be there so when placing this in, I found it’s best to put the Google home Mini in the right spot put the cable as best you can right where it should be and then tilt the Google home Mini up.

Then you can unplug it if your case is charged and it will power on. My Google home mini now is wireless you still need to have a dedicated Wi-Fi connection so if I am here anywhere in my house we can use the Google mini.

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The video for review Google Home Mini Battery Base

Battery Base by Myriann:

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