How to solve Facebook live error loading on iPhone

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I would like to share my experiences on this Facebook live error loading issue on my wife’s iphone. I’ve been spent a lot of time to google and investigate about this issue. Finally, I’ve fixed it with just simple setting change.

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How to solve Facebook live error loading on iPhone

Just follow the steps below and you might want to laugh and punch yourself or the iphone owner:

  1. On iPhone, click Setting > General > Date & Time
  2. Enable Set Automatically
  3. Then try to watch Facebook live and see the result.

Just a simple steps, I believe this is due to the time sync must be accurate between Facebook server & client(iPhone). My wife has disabled “Set Automatically” on her iphone because she want to set the time 15 minutes fast in order to avoid late to office. I’m speechless.

I hope this might can resolve your issue and make your iPhone perfect.