How to setup and optimize Xiaomi Mi box

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Mi box or Mi Box S are famous brand for Android TV and it is product from Xiaomi. We will talk about how to setup and optimize Mi Box International version that using Android TV platform from Google.

Mi Box

Steps to setup Mi Box

  1. To create with new Gmail account although you already have one.
    Click here to create new Gmail account
  2. Plug and connect power & HDMI cable to Mi Box with TV.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. The box will ask you if you have an Android phone, or tablet handy to complete the set up quickly. Choose “No” and continue.
  5. The Mi Box will attempt to connect you to Google after you entered the WiFi password. Sign in to your Google Account using the new account created in step 1.
  6. Setup completed.

Steps to optimize Mi Box

  1. Install File Commander from the Play Store.
  2. Install TV Launcher 3 from the Play Store.
  3. Turn on developer’s options and enable “Don’t Keep Activities”
  4. Disable these system apps – Vudu, Slingtv, Showtime, Redbull, Pandora, Googleplay Movies, Googleplay Games, Playmusic.
  5. If using default launcher, go to settings > home and disable audio and video preview.
  6. Use PC/Notebook to download ES file explorer from uptodown site.
  7. Run file commander on Mi box, click on PC flie transfer
  8. On PC, send the apk file using the URL prompted by File Commander.
  9. On File Commander, click on the downloaded file. ES File Explorer will be installed.
  10. Download and install these apps – Mouse Toggle, Set Orientation, TV App Repo. The purpose of TV App Repo is to generate icon of side loaded app on default lean back launcher. Mouse toggle is for Mi box 3 only.
  11. Uninstall File Commander.
    *Step 6-9 are procedure for installation of es file explorer, you can use similar way to install other apps.

Tips for Mi Box

1. Install “Android TV remote control” or “Android TV” on handphone. Use it when you need to enter more than 5 characters.
2. For mibox3, press and hold [home] will show all apps installed.
3. Press [Home] and [Back] to pair remote
4. Press [ok] and [back] to do factory reset
5. Press [power] and [vol-] to do screen capture
6. Do not use [power] to wake up the box, use [up][down] instead.

How to write to external hdd?

It is possible for es file explorer to write to hdd.

  • click on usbxxxx
  • select [open]
  • click on [new volume]

What you see is the content of hdd, and you will be able to read and write the hdd.If not using the above steps, what you get is read-only status.

I found this tutorial from one of the facebook group and it was very useful for those who going to setup and optimize the Mi Box first time. Furthermore, I will suggest one live TV streaming app for you, click here to read more about it.