How to play Nintendo Wii and GameCube games on Android devices

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Have you ever to think about play Nintendo Wii & GameCube games on Android devices? Yes, it is possible and you will just need to install an Apps which is Dolphin Emulator.

Dolphin Emulator is a program that allows you to play Wii and GameCube games on your Android devices. It was available on Google Play Store, just click this link and install it into your Android devices.

If you are not able to install from Play Store, you can download the APK from it’s official website –

After installed Dolphin Emulator in your Android devices, just launch it and you will get the interface same as below:

Where to download Wii and GameCube Games into Dolphin Emulator?

  1. Just Google search for keyword: wii gamecube roms
  2. After get the search result, the first page almost listed out all available website for ROMs download.

Works perfectly fine with ISO extension files, although other formats are also accepted (GCZ, CISO, and WBFS). Make sure your game file is compatible with the emulator, or otherwise, it won´t work.

You must own the original GameCube game since it´s illegal to download ROMs made from third-party copies. Get your own and ask a friend with a Wii console to convert it, installing the Homebrew channel and an app such as CleanRip.

Adjustable General Settings

It also has a configuration panel for general settings. For example, in this setting window, always make sure to set CPU Core to JIT ARM64 Recompiler, and enable Dual Core and Override Emulated options.

Also, modify the emulated CPU clock speed to allow a better fps rate. Hopefully, values between 40% and 100% will allow up to 60 fps, which is great for most games.

You can set the limit to 100 %. All the other settings you´ll see in this menu can be left as they come. Remember always to click on the floppy disk icon, on the right upper corner, to save these changes to the INI files of the emulator.

Numerous Visual Settings

There is also a configuration panel for visual settings. We suggest you set them up like this:

  • Video Backend must be OpenGL. In case you have installed the Vulkan API, you may try to select it from the menu.
  • Set the Shader Compilation Mode to Asynchronous (Skip Drawing). It´s proven to make most games run smoothly.
  • Set Aspect ratio to whatever you like. You might want to stretch the image to occupy the whole screen or perhaps a smaller ratio (e.g., 4:3)
  • In Enhancements, you can set the internal resolution to go from 640×528 to even 4K; setting it to 1280×1056 (720p) will be more than enough for most games on a smartphone screen.
  • Finally, in the Hacks submenu, we recommend activating all the parameters (placing the checkmark on the correspondent box) except for Defer EFB Copies to RAM.

Once again, remember to click on the floppy disk icon (on the right upper corner of the app) to save all the new parameters to the INI files. The final step is to click on the game icon displayed on the main menu, and that´s it, you’re all set to start playing!