How to fix “The Windows Search Engine Is Currently Disabled” on Outlook

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For those who using Microsoft Outlook, you might love one of outlook feature – easy for searching. Recently, my outlook was not able to search properly and it was error prompt about Window Search Engine is currently disabled as image below:

If you also having this problem and scratching your head about how to solve it, i will guide you to resolve it accordingly, just follow few steps below:

1. Click Start

2. Run type services.msc and press enter on the keyboard

3. Search for the service ‘Windows Search’ and check if it is enabled, if it is disabled.

4. Right click on the service

5. click on ‘Start

6. Then try to search again in Outlook.

Yes, it was just about the service was stopped and you just need to start it again then problem solved. It was trouble me for long time and i get it fixed now. Just want to share with you guys about my finding and solution, please comment below if you guys have other workaround or question.