How to fix AdSense Publisher Policy Violation

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After did a lot of research and testing, finally i found the solution to fix this Adsense policy violation issue(Maybe i’m too dumb 😛 ). I received email from Google Adsense publisher and it was regarding one of my blog post was violated their policy, i have to fix it or remove the ad code from violating pages. I decided to remove the ad code from violating pages, therefore my blog post will still publishing.

I did tried to remove the whole content or blog post but it won’t fix the problem, it will change the violation type to Valuable Inventory: No content. Finally, i found the method to remove the ad code from violating pages, it will automatically fix the problem without request review. This method is to create Auto Ads and disabled ad code serving on certain URL.

How to create Auto Ads and disable ads serving on specified URL

  1. Login to Google Adsense account panel
  2. Expand side menu > Expand Content > Click on Auto Ads
  3. Click on New URL group > Click on Add URL
  4. Copy and paste the violation URL into it > Click Add
  5. After that, it will ask ad setting for this URL group > Just turn all setting to OFF (Refer image below)
  6. Review your setting and click Save.
  7. That’s all. Pretty easy, right? After few days, your violated URL should be remove from policy violation center.

This method is working fine for me. If you guys have any other workaround willing to share, please leave a comment or email me. Let’s make life easy. Thank you.