Android TV box must have: Network tools

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Internet connection is the most important point to stream movie or TV live channels smoothly. If you having a slow connection issue, you might need some network tools to analyze & troubleshoot the root cause.

  1. Speedtest by Ookla
    You can use this tool to test and find out your network speed. We strongly suggest this Speedtest by Ookla instead of others apps because most of them unable to provide the accurate result.
  2. Wifi Analyzer
    After you tested the internet speed with Speedtest app and you feel the connection is too slow. Then you can download this app – Wifi Analyzer which able to analyze Wifi signal and provide all the wifi channels details. If too many people try to connect at the same time on the same Wifi channel, then the connection speed will be slow down.
  3. Network Speed Monitor
    This is a monitoring tool for you to monitor upload and download speed anytime. You can place it on any side of the screen. If movie streaming lagging and you will just need to check the download speed whether normal. You can just click the download link and get the Network Speed Monitor Apk. Click here to download Network Speed Monitor 

All 3 apps above was usually used for troubleshooting connection issue by me. If you guys have any others network tools and want to share with us, you might just leave your comment below or join our Facebook group to discuss further.